Community Health is its Wealth 

Community Health is its Wealth 


Grow Greater Englewood (GGE) was founded in 2013 to accomplish the following:

  • Help the community grow its own food businesses and entrepreneurs as well as strengthen current food related enterprises.

  • Link residents to educational and social opportunities related to food, gardening, nutrition and wellness.

  • Inspire and direct people towards careers, entrepreneurship training and any other opportunities related to creating their own healthy local food system and economy.

  • Completed the Englewood Community Farms Prospectus and Business Plan

  • Partner with City of Chicago other non-profits and socially responsible corporations 


Grow Greater Englewood Vision & Purpose

  • Advocate, outreach and education

  • HUB for education -teaching about food and education about the new food system and nutrition

  • GGE as an incubator -providing capital support and strategic vision and technical assistance to new groups looking to do work in Englewood (or potentially other neighborhoods as well)

  • Economics in the community related to the food system:

    • distribution, infrastructure, packaging, waste. (Informing groups about opportunities  and bringing in experts to share best practices)