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Established in 2014, Grow Greater Englewood (GGE) works to build a community in which all people have the opportunity to live safe, happy, healthy and fulfilling lives, now and into the future.

Grow Greater Englewood is a social enterprise that works with residents and developers to create sustainable, food economies and green businesses to empower residents to create wellness and wealth.



Our Focus Areas


Connect and leverage the Englewood Line, Englewood Community Farms and the Bon Temps Campus development ment projects to  a portion of the multi billion dollar annual business expenditures of anchor institutions into the surrounding neighborhoods.

Build a network of Englewood cooperative businesses designed to serve a growing food, energy and environmental market.

Build and connect residents with the growing momentum to create environmentally sustainable farming supply, energy and green collar jobs


GGE seeks to empower residents through community education on the agrarian and culinary traditions and trends in the Englewood community. We build and maintain relationships. GGE teaches local residents about the “good food” movement which focuses on where food comes from, who grows it, how it’s grown and who profits. Our outreach efforts combines advocacy, forums, hands-on training, workshops to increase innovation and raise awareness in the benefits of having a local food system, growing a network of farmers and value added food and energy businesses.


We seek to turn Englewood into a “food oasis,” and play an active role in the “real food revolution” that can generate equity, prosperity and wealth for local residents. Since its inception, GGE has advocated for democratic participation in the neighborhood planning process, including the selection of contractors, retail businesses, as well as public and private partnerships. GGE is the leading advocate for Englewood’s “green movement” and maintains a seat at various tables and we work to hold stakeholders accountable.


GGE works with local elected officials at all branches of government to fight for legislative agendas and public policy that lead to greater democratic participation for local residents, equity, a reduction in the harm caused by segregation and anti-Black racism, unemployment and health concerns. We work directly with the City of Chicago, Cook County, State of Illinois and various federal agencies including the USDA, HUD, HHS, DOJ and Commerce.