Community Health is Wealth.

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What we do.

Grow Greater Englewood is a social enterprise that works with residents and developers to create sustainable, food economies and green businesses to empower residents to create wellness and wealth.

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Why Englewood?

Englewood has established itself as a hub of food system activity and local residents seek to develop farms, community gardens and food-based businesses.

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Grow with us.


What's Next?

Over the next two years, GGE plans to organize, support and grow 4-8 black-owned farms and food-related businesses, support, and lead in acquiring city-owned land via the Ujamaa Land Trust, grow our organizational capacity to hire up to 2 more full-time staffers. Lead in the development and stewardship of the Englewood Line. Support and engage with the new Bon-Temps Campus. Continue to provide health and advocacy for Englewood residents and surrounding southside neighborhoods

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