The Healing Harvest


Hey, this is Mecca coming to you with a little reminder during this fall session. You know this is the best time of the year for me. I mean you can eat some of the best food in the fall, like all savory and gut-hugging. Also, fall fashion is some of the most bomb fashion ever! It’s a time of just getting together and creating memories that last forever.

Now, this is also a time when we may indulge just a little too much and we may actually become depressed or just down for many reasons. So I wanted to share some of my tips for physical and mental health during this time. I like to call it, my ‘healing harvest’.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, remember this day is just that, a day. Remember to choose everyday to love on you and your family and continue to build healthy relationships and great memories with one another. It goes without saying of the days we are in today, but always keep that in mind and know that whether it’s Thanksgiving or another day, spending time and sharing love with friends and family is so needed today and everyday.

Tip #1

When you wake up in the morning, practice some form of meditation and prayer. Take some time to thank the creator for yet another glorious day.

Tip  #2

Open those blinds and/or curtains. They say living in North America we don’t get the sun exposure we need to give us enough vitamin D, especially in the fall and winter months. So soak up those rays because lack of vitamin D also causes your mood to be down.

Tip #3

Move your body, it’s gonna set you free! Yes free of those pounds! I started to just dance right in my living room. I just turn on some music and I just dance. You can also go on social media and find something free to do to help keep you active. Groupon during this time also has so many offers for all kind of fun fitness ideas.

Tip #4

Eat clean. Look, I know food is good and especially during the fall/winter time. All the savory soups and pasta meals just make you feel warm and fuzzy in your spirit, but it also makes your waist line soft and fuzzy! Take it from someone who has challenges in the area of balancing a healthy lifestyle in her crazy yet purpose driven life. I’m learning that one day at a time is all I have and although I may plan for many days to come, I can only really focus on what’s in front of me and that's today. With that said, I’m working on 5 clean meals and maybe one not so clean meal. So I’ll eat all my food like either raw or just alkaline for 5 meals, and then after that, I’ll maybe eat one of those savory meals. I’ve learned over the years you have to have balance with everything in your life and you have to be realistic about what works for you. You can try whatever works for you, but do something different for new results.

Tip #5

This is my last tip for now, but definitely not least! People, my brothers and sisters be kind to yourself. Tell yourself you love yourself everyday! That’s really what the previous tips are about. This world is so crazy right now and we tend to look to others for validation on who we are and how that will make us feel. Well I challenge you to go deep inside yourself and rekindle that love for you! Take some time to yourself to learn and love more about you. I think today they are calling it “Self-Care”, but for me it’s just good ole loving on me unapologetically!  Some of the ways I like to love on me is writing, taking acting classes, and speaking publicly. Yes, you probably didn’t know that about me, but yes there are more things to come with this sista and I will be sharing with you all!

Oh this is a disclaimer, I am not a clinically trained physician so these tips are from my personal research and my personal life. So I’ll talk to y’all soon, but until then, take care of yourself!

Mecca out!

Elisha Hall